Launching and Shutting Down Your Synology NAS

Launching and Shutting Down Your Synology NAS

Created: Tuesday, November 24, 2020, posted by at 9:45 am

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Typically, NAS devices such as the ones from Synology are meant to be running all the time, but there may be times you want to shut them down. You may want to add a new HDD or add RAM, or you may just want to shut it down. In this post, I’ll look at how you can power up and shut down Synology’s DS920+ NAS device. However, this process works in almost the same way for all Synology devices.

Synology’s DS920+ NAS Device

Do you have hundreds of thousands of PowerPoint presentations, work files, or any other files that you need to be safely stored and accessed? Then you should look at a complete NAS device such as the Synology DS920+ NAS I reviewed a while ago.

Power Up the Synology NAS

To power up your Synology, you can press the Power button in the front, as shown in both the pictures below. The picture on the left shows a latent button and the picture on the right shows the button after the Synology NAS is powered on.

Power up Synology NAS

Power up Synology NAS

Once you have powered up, you need to access the Synology interface through your Quickconnect URL. If you haven’t set up a Quickconnect URL yet, you can visit the Synology Find site in your web browser. This process is explained in the Getting Started with the Synology DS920+ post,

Either way, you will get to your Synology sign-in page, as shown below.

Synology Sign-in

Synology Sign-in

Once you sign in, you will be presented with the DiskStation Manager interface in the web browser itself, as shown below.

DSM Interface

DSM Interface

The DiskStation Manager, often known by its abbreviated name, DSM is an extensive operating system that runs within the Synology NAS. DSM has tons of capabilities built-in, and you can add more abilities as needed.

We will look at some of these abilities in future posts, but for now, let us learn how you can shut down the Synology NAS.

Shutting the Synology NAS

To shut down the Synology NAS, I followed these steps:

  1. Click the Options icon on the top right, highlighted in red below.
  2. Shutdown the Synology NAS

In our next tutorial in this series, we will look at configuring your Storage in the Synology NAS.

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