Advance Two PowerPoint Presentations With a Single Click

Created: Thursday, January 25, 2018, posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 9:45 am

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Originally, this started with a discussion in an internal group exploring solutions that would allow one click on a remote to advance two presentations at the same time. Why would anyone want two presentations to move ahead at the same time?

There are many reasons why presenters may want to move to the next slide in two decks at the same time:

  1. Language: If you are presenting to a multilingual audience, you may want to present the same content in two languages.
  2. Design: Much like spanning your desktop machine on two displays, you may have design reasons to provide symmetrical displays on two opposite ends. While the designs may be similar, they could still be flipped, continuous, or even entirely different.
  3. Accessibility: You may have to design slides differently if your audience comprises of people with opposing disabilities.

Whatever your reasons may be, you would need to proceed to the next slide on both presentations simultaneously.

Troy ChollarPowerPoint MVP, Troy Chollar offered not one but two solutions. He says, “I do this all the time. It is a matter of having a single remote with 2 receivers. Not all remotes can do this. Here are my two recommendations.”

DSan PerfectCue

This is the industry standard and has two USB cable connections for two separate computers, and single remote to advance both. This system has a 150-feet range, but does need both computers close together. It is not economical, at approximately $600, but can be rented for $50 a day from virtually any AV company, including hotel and conference centers’ in-house AV departments. 

There are three variants available:

  1. DSan PerfectCue
  2. DSan PerfectCue Mini
  3. DSan PerfectCue Micro

DSan PerfectCue

Interlink Navigator

The Interlink Navigator is my personal favorite. The USB dongles can be synced to a remote easily. And, you can sync one remote to multiple receivers. The remote is $75 and comes with one receiver. You can try to order a second receiver from Interlink, or just purchase a second remote system and use that receiver. This system is best if under 20 feet from the computers.

RemotePoint Navigator

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