How Do I Center Content on a PowerPoint Slide?

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Do you wish there was a way to center align your slide object in PowerPoint? There is no one-click option that you can use, but this is still an easy process that lets you center your slide objects in PowerPoint.

Follow these steps in any version of PowerPoint:

  1. Select your image, shape or any other element.
  2. In the Drawing Tools Format tab of the Ribbon, choose Align | Align to Slide. If you are using a very old version of PowerPoint, look for the Draw toolbar, and choose the Draw | Align or Distribute | Relative to Slide option.
  3. Then choose the Align | Distribute Horizontally option. Or in an older version, choose Draw | Align or Distribute | Distribute Horizontally.
  4. Finally, choose choose the Align | Distribute Vertically option. Or in an older version, choose Draw | Align or Distribute | Distribute Vertically.

In older PowerPoint versions (2003 and earlier), you might want to drag the Align controls off the Draw menu to make it a floating toolbar. In newer versions (2007 and newer), you can add the Align tools to the Quick Access Toolbar.

To make it easier, you might want to get a copy of Steve Rindsberg’s free PPTools Starter Set, which includes a button to pick up the size/position of any shape OR if nothing’s selected, the slide itself. And another button to “hammer” a selected shape to the memorized size/position.Pick up the slide’s size/shape, bring in your image, click the Hammer button, you’re done.

Center Align PowerPoint

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  • Felicia Antony

    Thank you so much. I am so surprised that PowerPoint does not have a “put in center” button!

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