Timelines that are Different – 04

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Creating timeline slides can be so much fun, not just because your options are so many—but also since each timeline is completely different from another. We have been looking at the collections of major slide vendors, and are picking timeline templates from their collections that number several hundred slides! Choosing just seven slides from such a large repertoire is not easy because so much thought and visual talent has been used to create the available options.

Our fourth timeline slide is from SlideModel, a slide vendor based out of Uruguay. My contact was Germán Viera.

This timeline is different than the usual single-line timeline. Yet, it uses less slide real estate optimally with a from-the-top look at a maze-style line. SlideModel calls this a Horizon Perspective Timeline.

Horizon Perspective Timeline

You can use any number of time values although it would be difficult to use more than ten time values with captions. Steps/stops are provided using two variants; you can use a colored map pin, or a numbered, colored map pin.

Horizon Perspective Timeline

You can also use multiple slides with one step/stop per slide. Some sample slides that illustrate this effect are included.

Template Link | Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (16:9) Only

If you have found a timeline template that’s different than others, do let us know by adding a comment. Also, if you are a vendor who wants their templates to be featured as part of this series, do get in touch with us via our feedback form.

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