Smallpdf: The Indezine Review

Smallpdf: The Indezine Review

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PDFs are everywhere, from your computers to cloud locations. You may receive them as attachments in your email, but also as attachments in LinkedIn messages or WhatsApp conversations. And what do they contain? Almost anything, from documents to presentation slides, or even some with video and audio clips!

So, it goes without saying that you may have to create PDFs to share with others, and you may also have to edit some that you receive from others. You may also have to sign some agreements and contracts that show up as PDFs. While there are scores of PDF tools available including the Pro versions of Adobe’s Acrobat, most of us need a simple tool that makes these tasks easy and intuitive.

And that’s exactly what our review is all about—we will explore Smallpdf, a suite of PDF tools that do not even need to be installed on your systems because it’s browser-based. Of course, they do have mobile apps on iOS and Android if you want to make PDF edits on your phone. They also provide apps for Windows and Mac desktops and web extensions for Google Chrome, Google Workspace, and Dropbox. Did we mention that Smallpdf also includes its own cloud-based location?

In this review, we will explore Smallpdf’s repertoire of tools, and specifically look at Smallpdf’s eSign tool.

And yes, we wish to thank Christina Harker of Smallpdf for this review, who answered all our queries patiently. Thank you, Christina. Smallpdf is based out of Switzerland.

Getting Started

Before we get started, let’s explore this small video clip from Smallpdf that provides a brief introduction.

Boost productivity and collaboration in your business with easy-to-use PDF tools for your team from as little as €6 per user, per month.
PDF Editor for your Business – Smallpdf

Let us now explore possibilities with Smallpdf using this walkthrough:

  1. We started by logging into the Smallpdf site. You see a clean, unobtrusive interface as shown in Figure 1, below.
  2. Smallpdf home screen

Receiving PDFs to eSign

In the preceding section, we looked at how you can send PDFs to be signed by others. So, what happens at the other end, when recipients receive a request from Smallpdf to sign a document? Let us explore.

  1. As a recipient, you will find an email from Smallpdf in your inbox that invites you to sign the PDF, as shown in Figure 13, below. Typically, such invites are valid for 2 weeks.
  2. Invitation to sign agreement

Pricing and Support

The basic version of Smallpdf with only web access is free and limited to process 2 documents daily. This is a great way to get started and will provide you with the motivation to go to the Pro level, which allows access to advanced features, unlimited document processing, file storage, no advertisements, and full customer support. Access to this level costs up to $12 a month. Other plans called Team and Business are also available.

Support is through a FAQ, and you can also contact support via email.


Smallpdf is an amazing product that encompasses a web-based program, mobile and desktop applications, online file storage and sharing, and an integrated electronic signing solution.

The program as well as apps are snappy and intuitive and promise to be a complete document sharing and storage solution. It provides great bang for the buck, and can soon become an integral part of your workflow.

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