iSpring Suite Max: The Indezine Review

iSpring Suite Max: The Indezine Review

Created: Monday, June 28, 2021, posted by at 9:30 am

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In this post, we are reviewing iSpring Suite Max, which is the current release of iSpring Solutions’ eLearning suite of applications. We have already reviewed iSpring Suite 9.7 in the past. This time as well, my contact at iSpring Solutions Inc. was Maria Varankina. Thank you for coordinating, Maria. We also featured Slava Uskov of iSpring in an exclusive interview about new features in iSpring Suite Max.

Download and Install iSpring Suite Max

To begin with, I uninstalled iSpring 9.7 from my system. Next, I installed the new iSpring Suite Max product, as shown in Figure 1, below. Do note that although the setup routine mentions iSpring Suite 10, the product installed is iSpring Suite Max. Both 10 and Max refer to the same product.

iSpring Max Setup

iSpring Max Setup
Figure 1: iSpring Max Setup

Soon, I was offered the option to activate the product, but my license key was not being accepted. On contacting iSpring support, I was told that for iSpring Suite Max, the software must be activated using the iSpring Space account, and not the license key. To proceed, I accessed the newly added iSpring Suite tab of the Ribbon within PowerPoint and clicked the Log In button. Next, I was presented with the window shown in Figure 2, below, where I chose to click the Log in with iSpring Space button. This opened my browser window where I was asked to sign in to my iSpring Space account. Next, my iSpring Suite Max license was activated.

Log in with iSpring Space

Log in with iSpring Space
Figure 2: Log in with iSpring Space

I want to thank Alexander, iSpring’s Technical Support Engineer who was very prompt and helpful.

Using iSpring Suite Max

Getting Started with iSpring Suite Max.
Getting Started with iSpring Suite Max

You can launch iSpring Max in one of two ways:

  1. You can click on the iSpring Suite 10 button in the Windows Start menu, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 3, below, or
  2. iSpring Max in the Start Menu

With the first approach, you will summon the Quick Start window, shown in Figure 4, below.

iSpring Quick Start

iSpring Quick Start
Figure 4: iSpring Quick Start

You can choose any option within the Courses tab, highlighted in red within Figure 4, above to launch PowerPoint with the iSpring tab of the Ribbon active, as shown in Figure 5, later on this page.

With the second approach, you will end up launching PowerPoint. Note that for either approach, you must have PowerPoint 2007 for Windows, or a higher version installed on your system.

Within PowerPoint, you’ll find the iSpring Suite 10 tab of the Ribbon, as shown in Figure 5, below. Since the tab has many options, we rearranged all options in two rows, to show you all options.

iSpring Suite 10 tab of the Ribbon

iSpring Suite 10 tab of the Ribbon
Figure 5: iSpring Suite 10 tab of the Ribbon

Rather than looking at every feature available within the iSpring Suite 10 tab of the Ribbon, we will look at iSpring Space, a new feature in this review. You can look at the other existing features in our previous review on iSpring Suite 9.7.

iSpring Space

iSpring Space is among the biggest new features in this release of the iSpring Suite. More than just a cloud location to save and share your projects, it’s a one-stop location that lets you manage your iSpring licensing, download and install iSpring on your computers, and also create interactive courses in your web browser without installing anything, as shown in Figure 6, below.

Create interactive courses on iSpring Space

Create interactive courses on iSpring Space
Figure 6: Create interactive courses on iSpring Space

iSpring Space also works as a reviewing and approval platform where you can send links to draft courses to stakeholders, and receive their feedback and approvals there itself. Slava Uskov has provided a thorough and detailed walkthrough of iSpring Space in his exclusive interview with Indezine.


While we did not look at improvements in individual features, it’s safe to say that there’s almost no feature that’s not improved. For example, the iSpring Content Library is updated continuously, and you will find new characters that can be identified with the helpful New annotation, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 7, below.

iSpring Content Library

iSpring Content Library
Figure 7: iSpring Content Library

It’s thoughtful features such as the Content Library that make you realize that the iSpring Suite is not just a PowerPoint add-in or even just an eLearning tool. In fact, what iSpring Suite Max has evolved into is something that’s more complete and comprehensive. It’s an entire content-creation solution that’s available to you with resources and help. Their support is awesome and the subscription provides an amazing return for your investment.

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