7 Things PowerPoint Can Do Better Than Alternative Software

7 Things PowerPoint Can Do Better Than Alternative Software

Created: Tuesday, June 15, 2021, posted by at 7:45 pm

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By Barrera Alcova

Microsoft PowerPoint has been the go-to expert tool for digital presentations for over three decades. It has been used and preferred by students, sales executives, senior directors, and everyone else for their day-to-day needs.

Although the software has been the industry pioneer, today, several other tools can offer you similar functionalities. Yet, for millions of users across the world, Microsoft PowerPoint continues to be the most popular digital tool to communicate their ideas efficiently.

PowerPoint Can Do Better

PowerPoint Can Do Better
Image: Conference speaker, from Freepik

If you are considering whether you should continue using PowerPoint or switch to alternative software, here are a few things that will tell you why this tool is better in comparison.

Ease of Use

The chances are that you already have PowerPoint installed on your laptop. Even if not, you can gain free access to it by using its online version that will offer you the same functionalities.

However, this ease of accessibility is not precisely what makes PowerPoint one of the most straightforward tools to use. You probably are already familiar with the interface.

Whether you are working with a write my paper expert to create an academic presentation or inserting graphs to show to a business group, you will be able to handle the tool’s features with the utmost ease. As such, there is no steep learning curve involved when you start working with this tool.

In comparison, you might have some difficulty getting familiar with the commands of an alternative platform. Moreover, unless you start using it, you will never know whether it is a user-friendly option or not.

Presenter View

The prime application of PowerPoint is to design and make presentations. However, it wouldn’t be so appealing if your entire screen is projected during a meeting. For instance, this might include any personal slides or notes you might have used while preparing.

This is where PowerPoint truly excels. The platform allows you to control what you project using the Presenter View. This way, you can access your personal slides and notes on a separate screen without having to disrupt the presentation.

Designer Tool 

Do you not feel confident about your presentation skills? Then Microsoft has a unique solution for that as well. PowerPoint comes with an in-built Designer Tool that uses algorithms to make recommendations for your slides.

This can be used to make your presentation look more professional by including expertly developed designs.

Once you have turned this intelligent mode on, whenever you add an image, PowerPoint will show you suggestions on how you can design the slide. You will get access to layouts, SmartArt graphics, illustrations, and more using this feature.

Multimedia Design Elements 

More often than not, presentations are considered a boring business altogether. Even though it is a visual tool, many people fail to use it wisely to hold the audience’s attention. Over the years, PowerPoint has also learned this.

Therefore, today’s version comes with the flexibility of adding multimedia to make your presentations even more interesting. While most alternative software options allow you to include images and videos, very few make it possible to add animations and audio files. Using these, you can spruce up your presentation with interactive charts, customer testimonials, funny memes, and more.

Pitch meeting

Pitch meeting
Image: Pitch meeting, from Freepik

PowerPoint comes with several integrated templates. But that is not what makes this tool unique. Due to its popularity, you can find hundreds of PowerPoint templates and themes online, many of which are free to download.

In other terms, when it comes to software, your options are not limited. You will have access to dozens of different themes that can go with any topic you have to present.

Suitability for Business Presentations 

Another aspect that sets PowerPoint apart from the rest is that it can deliver an extremely professional business-oriented presentation. It comes with all the helpful tools that you will need. Whether it is a chart, a graph, a roadmap, a matrix, or audio/video embeds – PowerPoint is packed with those.

Furthermore, you will also have the flexibility to work on desktop software or in the web version. This means you can collaborate with your coworkers as needed and make changes away from the cloud. You can update and backup as you work.

Easy Integrations 

When it comes to integrations, few other software can surpass the capability of PowerPoint. It integrates and works smoothly with dozens of other programs to make the entire process much easier for the users. Any video communication platform you choose will be compatible with your PowerPoint file.

Here are some of the impressive PowerPoint integrations and add-ons currently available:

  • Google Calendar;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Oracle database;
  • Microsoft Yammer;
  • MySQL;
  • Pexels;
  • PowerPoint Labs;
  • Twitter;
  • Weather;
  • XML.

As you can see, there is plenty of room for you to play around with the software. You can add Twitter feeds to your presentation or use Google Calendar to find the availability of meeting rooms. To reiterate, your options are practically limitless.

Why Choose PowerPoint?

The reasons we have mentioned here should suffice to convince you why Microsoft PowerPoint continues to be one of the most effective programs for creating your presentations. It is easy to use and accessible; besides, it offers plenty of flexibility.

In addition, using the web edition, you will also be able to work with your coworkers in real-time.

For the vast majority of people, PowerPoint continues to be the best and the original presentation framework in the market. Although several other competitive alternatives are available, the familiar interface of PowerPoint and its widespread design features ensure that this platform remains the popular option for many.

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