List of Double-byte Fonts

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We do have some extensive content on what Unicode encoded fonts are, and how the remaining ASCII encoded fonts are of two types: single-byte and double-byte. However, our readers want more info, as can be understood from these questions we received:

If you just could tell me which fonts in Microsoft Windows are double-byte, I’ll know which ones I can manually replace or not use in the first place in PowerPoint, please?

I have to replace a double-byte font in my PowerPoint file, but I don’t know which ones they are. All those I choose, such as Comic Sans, Arial, etc. refuse to replace double-byte fonts. So can you please tell me the names of all double-byte fonts in PowerPoint?

Yes, we feel your pain, and will provide a list of double-byte fonts we see in our systems. However, if you see more double-byte fonts, do comment below and we will update this list.

Here’s a list of common double-byte fonts:

  • DengXian
  • DengXian Light
  • FangSong
  • KaiTi
  • Microsoft YaHei
  • Microsoft YaHei Light
  • Microsoft YaHei UI
  • Microsoft YaHei UI Light
  • NSimSun
  • SimHei
  • SimSun
  • SimSun-ExtB
  • STCaiyun
  • STFangSong
  • STHupo
  • STKaiti
  • STXihei
  • STXingkai
  • STXinwei
  • STZhongsong

Anytime, you see these fonts used in your presentation, you’ll know that a double-byte font has been used.

List of Double-byte Fonts

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