Displaying Tweets in PowerPoint Using DataPoint

Displaying Tweets in PowerPoint Using DataPoint

Created: Wednesday, June 13, 2018, posted by at 9:30 am

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Do you want to share live tweets in your PowerPoint presentation? Or do you want to put up signage in a public area that rotates tweets depending upon a particular user or hashtag? And what if you want to deliver this entire experience in a branded manner so that your company tweets show up on a screen that uses your company fonts, colors, and styling?

Yes, this is eminently doable–if you are connected online, or even otherwise, and we will explore how you can make this work if you are not connected later on this post. For now, let us see how you can make the tweets appear in PowerPoint in the first place. To make this magic happen, you will have to install a PowerPoint add-in from PresentationPoint called DataPoint.

Kurt Dupont

Kurt DupontThanks to Kurt Dupont of PresentationPoint for his help in creating this post. In fact, Kurt made many changes in DataPoint while we were creating this post, so that users can have a seamless, easy experience.

To follow this post, you can buy a copy of DataPoint, or download a trial version of the add-in. The trial version of DataPoint works identically to the full version for 15 days.

Follow these steps now:

  1. Create a new presentation in PowerPoint. PowerPoint typically starts with a single slide, and you can change the layout of this slide to Blank, so that it has no placeholders.
  2. Now access the DataPoint tab of the Ribbon, and click the List button, shown in Figure 1, below.
  3. List Button in DataPoint

Use DataPoint in Offline Mode

There is no denying to the fact that DataPoint really shines through when you are connected online because tweets can be refreshed and updated. But DataPoint does have an option to create an offline presentation that does not require constant updating. Sometimes, this approach can work, especially if you are not sure about the quality of online access, and this may happen often if you are showing your DataPoint-powered slides in an exhibition or conference.

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