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Can you please provide me with a list of PowerPoint versions with their corresponding version numbers – for example Version 10 = PowerPoint 2002?

Here are the corresponding versons:

Version 11 – PowerPoint 2003
Version 10 – PowerPoint 2002
Version 9 – PowerPoint 2000
Version 8 – PowerPoint 97
Version 7 – PowerPoint 95
Version 4 – PowerPoint 4
Version 3 – PowerPoint 3
Version 2 – PowerPoint 2

There were no versions 5 and 6 of PowerPoint since Microsoft wanted all components of Office 95 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) to share the same version. Since the last version of Word before that was 6, all Office applications included in Office 95 became version 7.

And PowerPoint was a Mac product ported to Windows only after version 2 – so there was no version 1.

Anyway, most of this is historic – you’ll rarely stumble across a presentation created in anything older than PowerPoint 97 (i.e. version 8).

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