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Output Notes from PowerPoint

Saturday, April 08, 2006
posted by Geetesh on 1:08 PM IST

I'm looking for a way to output my PowerPoint notes alone, or a presentation without the metafile overhead. I need the slides plus the notes - or even a way to get the notes without anything else.

You'll need to have Microsoft Word installed on your system in addition to Microsoft PowerPoint for this trick to work:

  1. Open your presentation and choose File Send to Microsoft (Office) Word.

  2. Select the Notes next to slides option, and click OK.

  3. Microsoft Word creates a table with slide thumbnails and notes. Delete the unnecessary column in the resulting Word table that includes the thumbnails - to do that, select the entire column, right-click and choose Delete Columns.

  4. Choose Table Convert Table to Text... Choose your text separator (or choose a custom separator).


I'm looking for a way to show a power point presentation with the notes to the right of the screen - so the viewer would see the ppt slide and the notes at the same time. How do I do this?

Posted by Anonymous Linda on 10:07 AM
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And I'm trying to do the reverse of what the original post said: I want to IMPORT the contents of a Word file into the notes pane of an (existing) PPT presentation.

I have (let's say) a presentation consisting of 20 slides. I also have a Word document consisting of 20 paragraphs (formatted as a list, but I could easily change it, e.g. to a table). Is there some easy way to get the text from the Word document into the Notes of the presentation without having to do twenty separate copy+paste operations?

Posted by Blogger Michael Weiss on 10:39 PM
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