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How do I loop sound/music for a looped presentation.

Monday, August 23, 2004
posted by Geetesh on 8:12 PM IST

This technique assumes you know how to loop sound across slides.

When you loop the presentation using the options in Slide Show | Set Up Show, you'll find that the music starts again on the first slide whenever the presentation is looping. To overcome this problem, PowerPoint MVP Glenna Shaw provides the perfect solution:

1. The trick is to insert a "kick-off" slide at the beginning of the slide show to start your music.

2. Next mark slide 2 through the last slide to be a custom show with automated timing to advance slides. Make sure Slide 1 DOES NOT have automated timing to advance slide.

3. Add an Action Button (or hyperlink) to Slide One to link to the Custom Show. Slide 1 should now have two items; the sound file and an action button or hyperlink to start the Custom Show.

4. Set up the slide show to loop until ESC using automated timings and showing all slides.

5. Save it as a .PPS (recommended).

When you run the slide show, Slide 1 will start the music and you'll need to click on the Action Object or Hyperlink to start the custom show. From that point on, the presentation should loop through Slide 2 to the Last Slide without resetting the music (unless you have some other sound stop it between Slide 2 and the Last Slide). If you saved it as a PowerPoint Show (PPS), the whole thing will close neatly when you press ESC.

There's a sample file for this technique that you can download from Glenna's site... The sample is called Loop Sounds.


ive found that this method doesnt work with PowerPoint 2003. Im trying to find another way.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 7:18 AM
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I use PowerPoint 2003 as well and had no problem replicating the steps here.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 8:40 AM
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I replicated these steps and also use PowerPoint 2003. However, it doesn't work. The sound shuts off when I click the Hyperlink. /sigh

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 5:14 PM
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I use PowerPoint 2002 and this method does not work. The sound shuts off when the custom show begins its loop.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 10:08 AM
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For PowerPoint 2002 there are two setting I found must be set properly in order for these steps to work. 1) In your Custom Animation settings under Timing make sure Repeat is set to (none). 2) When setting up your Custom Show make sure you check the box that says Show and Return (which is in the Slide Preview window). One last setting you can try is under Custom Animation stop playing after so many slides...type in 999. And if you have a short music clip make sure it's looped (right click, Edit Sound Object, loop until stopped.) In my case my music is much longer than my slide show so I don't have to worry about looping my music but I DO have to worry about looping my slide show so MAKE SURE you checked that Show and Return box. Cheers.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 8:39 PM
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One small correction:

You wrote: "1) In your Custom Animation settings under Timing make sure Repeat is set to (none)."

Instead set Timing to Repeat: 1000 (or another number value depending on how many times you want the music to repeat.)

All other steps are right on the money for 2002/2003.

Thanks for helping to clarify!

Posted by Anonymous Glenna Shaw on 8:17 PM
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How do I stop the sound while the presentation is running ?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 8:01 PM
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Hi, i am using powerpoint 2003.. i used this technique and it worked well except for one thing....i am playing a very small clip.
how do i loop the click?
there is no option when i right click on the action button (for sound) which allows me to set looping..
kindly help me on this



Click on the sound object, then click on Edit, Sound Object, check the Loop until stopped box.

Posted by Anonymous Glenna Shaw on 11:18 PM
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I finally got this to work with PP 2003. To keep the music from stopping at the start of the loop I had to edit the hyperlink and check the box "Show and Return" This is an important piece of information that was left out of the instructions.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 2:00 AM
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Hey Thank you all for your inputs! It really helped me a lot. I spent a lot of time trying to make this work by myself, and when I read your comments I finally made it work! I am a happy camper now...

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11:28 AM
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At the time of writing, the "custom show" link in this article doesn't work. But I find useful info via

I followed the instructions in the article and the above link and I got my show running fine under PPT version 2003.

By the way, for play sound timing, I set repeat to until end of slide.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 4:28 AM
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HI I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you!! Your information helped me to created my show, and now it iws perfect! I am so happy!

Thank you!


Posted by Anonymous amanda on 11:47 AM
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If you have a 10-slide presentation and you want the 1st slide to advance to the 2nd slide on click and then automatically go to slides 3-10 after a certain number of seconds each...and slide-10 to go to slide-2 on click....and have it automatically go to slides 2-10 after a certain number of seconds again, this can be problematic. You either have to use the enter button and not click, or click without moving the mouse. I just helped a friend with this and it was the only way I could find to get it to work. Anyone else encounter this issue? Anyone understand my issue ;)

Posted by Blogger Jeffrey on 11:54 PM
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it works also for PP 2007.

Posted by Blogger kecik on 2:44 PM
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Is it doesn't work on PP2010?
When it click hyperlink on your "Loop Sounds" the sound has stop playing.

Posted by Blogger Pongdej on 8:57 AM
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