How Do I Center Content on a PowerPoint Slide?

Sunday, July 11, 2004
posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 3:40 AM IST

In PowerPoint:

1. Select your image, shape or any other element.

2. In the Draw toolbar, choose Draw | Align or Distribute | Relative to Slide

3. Then choose Draw | Align or Distribute | Distribute Horizontally

4. Finally, choose Draw | Align or Distribute | Distribute Vertically.

You might want to drag the Align controls off the Draw menu to make it a floating toolbar.

To make it easier, you might want to get a copy of Steve Rindsberg’s free PPTools Starter Set, which includes a button to pick up the size/position of any shape OR if nothing’s selected, the slide itself. And another button to “hammer” a selected shape to the memorized size/position.Pick up the slide’s size/shape, bring in your image, click the hammer button, you’re done.

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